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Regardless of the Word’s instruction against it, people are extremely judgmental. Christians especially! I know that statement does not resonate with some more religious-minded folks, but it is nonetheless true. I’ve heard more than one individual state they have found more love and acceptance in a bar than inside a single church building. Even when shown some acceptance, they are disillusioned, feeling the acceptance that is extended in our churches often appears feigned or contrived. It is sad commentary on Christians and a definite black eye to God.


Main stream religion often sends incorrect signals to the children of God about what is the front and back, first and last, top and bottom, in and out of position in the Kingdom of God. The truth of the matter is that religion is simply that; religion.


You sometimes meet with resistance from other ministers or ministries. There are many glory hounds full of jealousy lurking in every congregation. The thing we must remember as we encounter people with the attitude they are way more in God than they really are is this:


God Elevates – Man Irritates!


Man, will disqualify, discount, and deem you unfit for service in God’s kingdom!


Everyone has a past. There are people that have experienced life altering situations such as divorce, substance abuse, and adultery to name a few. Sometimes those without formal education may be looked down upon or overlooked entirely for ministry positions. When I encounter someone with that attitude, I always have the urge to ask them what seminary Jesus attended. Some may not deem you worthy for ministry or a particular level of ministry according to their list of qualifications and their scale. Some folks are so caught up in legalism they are unable to view salvation from a perspective of grace and mercy.


But, I want to ask you; who are these people to decide your spiritual fate? Who are they to question what God has deposited in you? Who are they to decide whether your past, present or future disqualifies you for service to the God who created you . . .